Bond County Courthouse

Bond County Probation Department
Greenville, Illinois

Operating under the Chief Judge of the Third Judicial Circuit, in Bond County, the Bond County Probation IL Supreme CourtDepartment administers a wide range of programs covering standard probation and pretrial services.  Most offenders are assigned to a standard caseload for supervision, while others are placed with specially trained officers who work with sex offenders, DUI’s, and domestic violence cases.  Throughout the court process, the department has the ability to provide the court with pertinent information and access resources which decrease the likelihood offenders will be involved in another offense, while enhancing public safety.

The majority of Department resources are dedicated to probation supervision.  While on probation, offenders are required to comply with very specific conditions of supervision while residing in the community.  Probation Officers assist offenders in complying with their sentences through guidance, surveillance, and referrals to service providers for treatment, education, and employment training.

For pretrial services, the Department supervises offenders released on bond and preparing pretrial bond Bond County Courthousereports.  These reports provide the courts with information in making the decision about whether or not to release an offender on bond.  Another function of the Department is to conduct presentence investigations and to submit a report to the Court which is used to make decisions about sentencing an offender.

The Bond County Probation Department is currently staffed by three probation officers and two administrative support personnel.  In addition, there are two part-time staff, one provides additional administrative support and the other is responsible for supervising community service work crews.


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