Bond County Courthouse

Bond County Probation Department
Greenville, Illinois

Cognative Classes

Following a flurry of research on Probation agencies during the 1980’s, it was found that building an offender’s cognative skills is the single most effective intervention which can be used by probation.  The Bond County Probation Department was originally trained in CCI’s Moral Reconation Therapy several years ago, which centered around an offender being taught to make morally sound decisions.  More recently, Department personnel were trained in NCTI’s, Crossroads model.  This model is currently being utilized by the Department for not only general life skills, but in more specific areas such as substance abuse, bad checks, and shoplifting to name a few.

This year the Department began using a web-based curriculum provided by Third Millinium.   This company provides evidenced based, on-line programs for adult offenders involved in alcohol,  drugs, or shoplifting.  These are being utilized by the probation officers with their caseloads, but also by the Court as a form of diversion.