Bond County Courthouse

Bond County Probation Department
Greenville, Illinois

Child Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth Act

The next grouping did not normally have contact with Probation Officers due to the seriousness of the offense, however the legislature recently changed the statutes to include several lesser felonies in the registration requirements and as a result, probation departments are now involved with these cases.  If an offender is convicted of an offense which falls within the purview of The Child Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth Act, DNA will be required, along with registration for different periods of time, depending on the offense.  Where this affects Probation Departments the most is when a 18 year old or above is convicted of an aggravated battery (like a fight on school grounds) and the victim is 17 or younger, the offender would fall within this requirement.  Additional information concerning registration and offenders information can be obtained at