Bond County Courthouse

Bond County Probation Department
Greenville, Illinois

Low Risk Supervision

Research of probation caseloads during the 1980s revealed that there was basically no statistical difference in recidivism rates between “low risk” cases which were supervised on a regular probation caseload, and those which were supervised with minimal or no contact at all.  As a result of this research, the Department developed a method of monitoring this type of case without having regular contact with these offenders.  For a little over the past four years, the Department has been overseeing the completion of all conditions only of all court supervisions (i.e. first time DUIs, Bad Checks, Domestic Batteries, Community Service only, etc).  At intake these offenders are given specific instructions, due dates and reporting instructions.  This process was expanded two years ago to include all “low risk” probations.  At first this process yielded about a 75% compliance rate, with most violations being a lack of reporting.  Last year the program was changed slightly to include in the process a telephone reporting service.  This has increased the compliance rate for reporting to 99% and a compliance rate for completing conditions of almost 90%. There are almost 100 offenders in this program at any one time and is considered to be very successful to date.