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Bond County Probation Department
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Restitution is used to hold offenders accountable for the financial losses of a victim.  Restitution is assessed by the court as a part of the original sentencing or from an order issued during a restitution hearing.  To determine the amount of restitution entitled to a victim, information and documentation are gathered from the victim by either the State’s Attorney’s Office or the Probation Department and presented to the Court for consideration.  Any restitution assessed by the Court, must be paid in full by the offender by the offender, no matter how much time passes.  Restitution can never be revoked.  Once ordered restitution is always paid first in Bond County, before any other fine, costs or fees, are collected.  The collection of restitution monies requires a strong collaborative effort on the part of the judiciary, state’s attorney, and probation, to be collected in a timely manner.

Restitution Ordered/Collected


Restitution Collection Rate


In most cases in Bond County the restitution contacts are initiated by the State’s Attorney’s Office, as a part of the prosecution of the case.  If you are a crime victim and believe you are entitled to restitution in a pending case, you would need to contact the Bond County State’s Attorney’s Office at (618)664-2262.

If you are a crime victim of a case that has been prosecuted and are inquiring about the collection of your restitution, you would contact either the Bond County Circuit Clerk at (618)664-3208 or the Bond County Probation Department at (618)664-2099