Bond County Courthouse

Bond County Probation Department
Greenville, Illinois


The Bond County Probation Department is considered a relatively small probation department in comparison with the rest of the state’s probation departments.  Within each county the Chief Judge of the Judicial Circuit hire personnel to operate each probation department.  Although the personnel are all employees of the Court, the operations of each Department are overseen by the Administrative Office of the Illinois Court – Probation Division, who sets policy for all departments.  By statute there is a cost share between the state and each county, provided the county meets minimum standards set for the Department.   Funding is therefore channeled through the county’s budget to fund all probation operations and approved positions.

There are currently three probation officer assigned to the Bond County Probation Department.  One is the Chief Managing Officer and the other two are line officers.  In addition, there are two administrative support positions utilized by the Department. 

In addition to the five full-time positions, there are two part-time personnel used to support Department operations.  One individual provides additional administrative support and the other supervises community service work crews.